Bones and Flesh (The Happy Place)

I reach into my body to the bones, pulling out flesh.
A tiny voice cries, “Please miss, I want to be chubby and happy.”

A little girl is running on hot sand,
chubby tummy between a red bikini,
pudgy arms holding spilling buckets,
half a piece of cake mashed on cheeks,
waves crashing into lopsided sandcastles.
She laughs, builds again, finding a last cake morsel
in the sand before the seagull she chased earlier.

I put the flesh back. Sizes 6, 2, 9, 12…would have to weight.
Getting to the bones is not as clear as the sky on a summer’s day.
I fill a red bikini with patched flesh and eat cake
with the ocean, sand and seagulls.

I’m chubby and nearly happy.


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