Take Care of Me World!

Take Care of Me World!
I do whispers the world loudly

The world picks me up tousles me sideways
somersaults me down saying carefully look around

I am I whisper loudly brushing myself off
Taking peaks here and there, straightening my disheveled hair

I am in the care of

ornamental grass that makes me laugh coiffed elegantly
in front of houses I cannot afford

a big brash poppy flouncing out of the cement cracks
proudly spouting POWER FLOWER

a steaming cup of vanilla earth spiced tea
when I wanted a 5th cup of coffee- I was sure I deserved

a 10 year old big smiling girl walking down the pavement as though
she owns the sidewalk but is willing to share

soft paws on my head, cat belly purrs and a very sharp
claw reminding me keep one eye open and reflexes ready

stop signs, red lights, green lights and painted lines on the road
mostly I obey

a flushing toilet, fresh toilet paper and a bathroom
of Ones Own until someone knocks and I choose to unlock

bare feet touching each other nakedly and shamelessly beneath
ramshackle sheets.

a wind gently caressing my cheek
naturally lifting up my skirt
ravaging me in broad day light

by unseen hands and threads connecting dots and colors so
Beautifully overwhelming that all I can hesitate with a whisper
loudly exclaiming

Thank you

World for taking care of me!.?


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