Elevator Magic (A working Poem)

(I work at a library where there is only one elevator for over 750 staff, occasionally the elevator protests by breaking down, occasionally one is alone in the elevator )

Stepping into an empty elevator
Time to pick your nose
In peace

 Time to kiss your lover
Imaginary or solid

 Time to fart out loud
And free

 Time to jump up and down
To an old Raffi hit

 Time to contemplate with
The big ones
Buddha, Gandhi and Big Bird

 Time to examine your stomach
and see if it is really bigger
than it should be

 Time to kung fu like a super ninja
Save the library from the evil villains
And be rewarded with a NEW 2ND ELEVATOR

 Time to smile a little smile
dream a little dream

 And if someone should come in
your ALONE elevator time
They may think your happiness
Is all about them
Just say hi!
And run if you farted


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