Very Goood Excuses for being late

I am late because

My bike wanted to go a new route, we got lost,
ended up on a grassy hill, luckily the clouds told us the way back
My bike wanted to stay and I said No!


A big puppy came running and flopping towards me with such big love that I had go give big back too!  That’s why I’m muddy and extra hairy.


I went to a café for coffee to go and a beautiful stranger asked me to dance cheek to cheek and I did.


I went to give a friend a hug on the picket line and then everyone else wanted a hug.
It was only fair.


My cat looked sad and forlorn so I whispered cat, petted and scratched
just behind the years till she purred.  She is doing much better thank you.


A seagull wanted to tell me a secret I tried to hear and she flew up high in the sky, I would have been really late if I had followed!


The sun was making me a dress out of golden sun dust  -ethical, sheer, Priceless. Dress disappears inside.  The sun wanted me walk the block to show off her creation, had to for a bit, YOU KNOW NATURE!


The chapter ended just before the cute old lady solved the murder and no one knows where the baby is!  Thank god the baby is home safe with the nanny who is the murderer but loves the baby. The cute old lady’s nephew loves the nanny, not sure how he feels about murder-will tell you after I read the next chapter- the last one!  this will just take a minute or two.
So glad you understand.

The sun is forever in your debt


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