A Kiss

A kiss
A kiss of lips
a breathing breath
or two
in me to you

A kiss
gentle and sweet
like a summer rain smelling
of moist earth,wisps of pine trees
cracking twigs, open air and
a very noisy woodpecker

A kiss of
cherry ripe tomatoes lips
sweet nothings
to the floor
fast and free out the door

A kiss
into uncharted territory
sloppy and unkempt
spit flying to and fro,
spraying in missed
misty grotesque beauty

A kiss
like sandpaper scraped and holy
pressing into garbage shrines
blessed in rat dung and a fleeing cockroach
to my knees in quick sand
barely escaping into a starry night
and a gasping shooting star

A Kiss
sweet and sticky
caught in a mess of
salt water taffy and bubbles
tickled apart by
sugar plums
and a prancing nutcracker soldier

A kiss
thick with spices
soaked in liquor,
edged with pungent arm pits
fresh pomegranate juice
dripping a rising sun
into a round belly

A kiss
tangily dangerous
seeping into my openness
like an intoxicating lullaby
smelling of  sweet acid
leaving red droplets
forever on fresh pavement

A kiss
in stolen time and diapers
crusted in jelly and toast
warm like an old favorite
blanket protecting
A golden, galloping, yawning

A kiss
pushing  against a
wall and a hard place
barely letting go and gone
leaving a quivering body
stunned silence
unexpected heart failure
testing every life support

A kiss
Plush as pillows
tenderly  pushing
Delicately falling
Into cotton puff meadows
love-bite pebbles
And smacking laughing butterflies

Sweet kisses
sour and true
living in
the love between me
and you
and you
and you


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