Hello Bonne Maman

Dear Bonne Maman (French for grandmother)

How is shopping in the afterlife?
out of this world and divine?
Your thrift store finds
still scent the hope chest

wish I still had the leopard pants
You gave me when I was 9,  not only are they
the latest style, they’d fit!

Not every sale is worth it but every sale is worth checking out!

Met some ladies in your last retirement home
thrift store shopping in each others rooms
Dressed in their Sunday best, pearls and bright lipstick

Think of you often in the clunky, golden Cleopatra
necklace, colored chunky beads and weekly flyers

Thank you for the scintillating tips and bits
passed on from grandmother to granddaughter

p.s. I ride my bike to the sales instead of a car (smaller footprint-generational thing)

Love your second hand thrift deal monger granddaughter


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