Dance Sweet Mice Dance

I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery and this poem was inspired from a drawing of two mice characters dancing by Art Speigleman.   Later I learned that these were cartoon images of Vladek and Anja Spiegleman-the artist’s parents during world war 2.  I get very overwhelmed in art gallery’s and museums.  My grandmother who was an art gallery curator and artist told her students to focus on one piece/painting at a time or at all.  I have a short attention span and use this technique.  This image stayed with me.  Writing a poem about the picture helped me appreciate my moment at the art gallery and the art piece.


Shyly two mice dance
Caught in traps
Each took a chance
Faint with hunger
Fed lively tunes
Above poisonous fumes
Rustling skirts
Tux tails shaking
Hands gently touching
Bombs behind
Smoke below
Ignoring barks,
and drafty rafters
Escaping the dark shadowed night
Into a peach pink sunrise
Scurrying, chattering, squeaking freely
Even in dangerous times
sweetness survives


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