The perfect life

I am lying on a fluffy cloud
eating bon bons
my partner is serving me coffee
in between his various chores
he is happy in his apron
my cat is obeying my every whim
work is paying me for consultations
from the fluffy white cloud
and provided me with a smart phone
I know how to use it
angels are singing my praises
I have published several popular poetry books
they are making a movie about the poems
a thriller
god is giving me veto for the afterlife
as a perk-my cat will live as long as I will
and take care of me in my old age
I have made it.

This poem is for the one a day in April.  I think it is a great idea.  Of course it is April 2nd, so must provide another one today. Curious to check other blogs/poems out.   Since I have been writing poetry, friends and coworkers are confiding in me that they are blocked with their art.  I tell them write some “bad art”, doing “bad art” every day helps.  I took the prompt to lie in this poem.  But it is all true, I did not have to lie at all, did I? It started out being “bad” but I kind of like it


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