The Missing Sock (a mystery)

It was a dark and stormy night
I got the call
Some dame- sweet and sensitive
claimed her favorite sock was missing
had been missing for a week
I came to the door
she answered hair tousled, mascara running,
mouth turned up”oh” she said her mouth turned down
“I was hoping you were the sock”
their was a sock on the chair crumpled in despair,
I assume the mate
The single sock and broad were both unraveling,
both at one time had been well knit
“the sock was black with a small hole” said the dame tearfully
“had gone in the dryer the week before and never came back”
the sock on the chair remained silent
I took notes, I didn’t tell the ladies
that it was a hopeless sock case
because i wanted to be wrong
I am man who doesn’t give up, especially
for dames no matter how hopeless the case
If you have seen a sock, black with a hole
phone 604-555-Sock-dont approach the sock
let a professional handle it.
(shows badge) Remember-604-555-SOCK

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