Middle Age Superhero

Is that a therapist?
a vacation?
a book?

Hells Bells!
Its middle age super hero
To her own  rescue

Thighs bouncing
Midriff swaying
Happily huffing

Making the world
A better place
By being

wearing a bikini
under that Moo moo
or whatever is comfortable

Filled with
hot tips like
What to do with baking soda
how to deal with doctors
And the best lube

Loving lots
everybody is worth it!

even the naughty ones
who just need more daycare!

“He can have his milk, cookie
and nap time
If he apologizes and gives back
Those nice people their jobs!”

Things are pretty simple!

when you are

Super Middle Age Super Hero

To the Rescue

Ta da!

(I like the idea of this and know it needs more work,  but wanted to get this out for the 12th prompt. I adore the idea of a middle age super hero to the rescue!  Really like the prompts getting me playing with ideas that i have been rolling around, or getting  me playing with different styles)


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