Well, hello cherryblossoms!

pink, white wild and free
“how can you not look at me?”
they shyly shimmer
to the gutter, down the street
around the corner,
swirling pale and hot pink!

Let’s get married
beneath the Cherry Blossom tree
honking horns
strange passersby
rolling smiling eyes
And cherry blossom guests
shyly giggling, tickling,
underneath your cheek
fluttering in my pocket
delicately squished beneath your feet

Slightly seen
in a pink blurry dirty petal purity
a funeral of cherry blossoms
for all who care to see
The blossoms will not last forever
and neither will we
so say a hello before they go

(p.s. I am not asking you to marry me)

This is for the poem a day.  Using the prompt, say hello, welcome someone/something.  Sometimes hard to get a poem out a day, real challenge.  I find that lately instead of reading other poems, I just get out my one for the day.  Good to read others tomorrow.  Appreciate the prompt, helps open me up, stretch limits and get out of my own box.


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