Pink is the the color

I love
d later in life
Discarded like
a tutu or teddy bear
you Pretend
you don’t want
really do!

 I reclaim sugar, spice,
everything nice,
sizzling hot pants
simple silliness,
rosy bellies by the sea
and blushes

Famous Pinks
Pink Panther
My pinky
Girly girls
and boys
Ballerinas in jewelry boxes
and Cherry blossoms

 Red fired me up
and drove me to
you in a Harley

Pink cushioned the crash
wrapping us
tight, loose and safe

 You look lovely in a pink
I mean salmon shirt

 Dear Pink
I rest in you when weary
lonely and little
you soften the lines under my eyes

 I am tickled and relieved
you spilled into

(This poem was inspired by a prompt from, NaPoWriMo a poem a day in April.  The prompt was to work with a color.   I tried to work with Red but Pink tickled me loudly demanding attention.   It is one of my favorite poems .  I did not think outside prompts could help inspire creativity.  But they do!


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