Perfect Paper Flowers

 Family Day
at daycare
under the church
I am making  a paper flowers
sweaty hands on ripped paper
The pretty teacher and my mother
finish the perfect flower
I hold onto the flower
They are happy
I am relieved I did not have to finish the perfect flower
cookies!  Sugar cookies!
I want a cookie, I get a cookie. I want more!
I am not allowed
I enjoyed the cookie
most of all

I Google how to make paper flowers
Alone in my apartment
Neighbors chattering
Birds twittering
Paper rustling
beneath my fingertips
I flatten, fold, fan
twist, spread, tweak, crunch
pink, blue, black, tiny, enormous, lopsided,
paper flowers
  nibble a cookie
I enjoy the rustle of paper
and twittering birds
most of all


2 thoughts on “Perfect Paper Flowers

  1. I had to look up visceral. The meaning is deep, not instinctual, instinctive, dealing with raw emotions, could be rude or crude, from the gut not so much from the mind

    thank you for the new word for this evening. I appreciate your thoughts and companionship on this poetry journey

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