I thought I was your Pigeon!

Sure I can’t soar or fly
but my heart  flutters
every time you move by!

I thought I was your Pigeon!

my squawk and waddle
are nothing to compare to that
strutting pigeon over there
but I can coo and wiggle
my booty all around

hey!-baby eyes up here- off the ground
baby I’m up here!

I thought I was your Pigeon!

So I don’t eat your fascinating crumbs
but I can cook a fantastic feast and
All you have to do is the dishes
that bird just wants your lunch!

So, I can’t perch on a telephone pole
but I see you and me on top of a tree
metaphorically! (scared of heights)

I thought I was your Pigeon!

Sure I don’t leave fluffy grey messages
in unexpected spots but I can leave secret
notes in your underwear and your lunch

So my neck isn’t shimmery purple, green and blue
but peach with red spots but
baby, I won’t give you bird flu!

So baby, please, as your one and only
Keep your eyes on me
not down in the dirt and grime
no matter how fluffy, feathery, sublime
she may be
no matter how she yearns for your crumbs
Remember, we are two birds of a feather

I am your pigeon.

“Squawk!”, squawk!  squawk!”

Eyes up here baby. Up here!

(no animals were harmed in the making of this poem)
(jealousy is the highest form of flattery)
(if this poem makes money, 10% will go to free the pigeon fund)


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