The End of the World ( a dream, so chill)

I dreamt it was the end of the world
as we know it

climbing a steep path with rope
I discovered I was one of the
King’s chosen child bearers

thank goodness something to do,

wait I am past childbearing years
would I be killed when found out?

I noticed that there was a man in my childbearing group
surely we would not both be killed.

I woke up thankful
not to be climbing a steep path (scared of heights)
thankful I was not an aging concubine

If the King meant God almighty
holy crap, Would that mean I was a Bride of Christ?

but would I have to give up coffee?
Luckily this is not reckoning day, nor the end
simply the beginning of a new day

Good morning God

Good morning Cat

See you later Dream

I said
sipping my first of many cups of coffee


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