Bike Girl

On the Road Again
steel steed-Trusty
one of her only friends
fleeing, speeding, yawning
into wild city affairs


Cheshire grin
How do you do?


blooming flowers
graspy branches
water driplets
dogs on leashes
owners on leashes
green eyes in dark spots
jittery smooth squirrels
running shoes on telephone wire
opened car doors


be careful out there
in stylish whatever bike ware


foxy, coyote girl on bike
apologizing on sidewalks
sneaking through red lights
so, so!
to spare the traffic
noble sneaky bike girl


bike girl doesn’t like helmet
do cowboys  have helmets
cow boy leave horse in  pasture
motorcycle mama leave the leather in pasture
metal city horse come to take you home


so cool, so cool lighter foot print
shiver through sweat, push, glide
ride on ride on ride on


Bike Girl on the Road Again
alone or with one or two friends
oh to be on the road again
do not steal my bike
I repeat do not steal my bike

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