Behind Closed Doors

Stepping out in slightly open spots
a peeking, peering neighborhood walk
rolling dice and crystal balls
Who are you?
behind closed doors?

Door number 1
sexy wild kissing
goldfish swimming
blinking answering machine

Door number 2
napping cat
naked man in shuffling slippers
half eaten sandwich

Door number 3
Big Fat Secrets!
Don’t tell anybody
Least of all
Door Number 4
slam, lock scream

Door Number 5

Door Number 6
story time
lights out
a glass of wine, alone

Door Number 7
its a party!
Sam invited me. Sam?
maybe it was George
I just want to be invited!

Door number 10
the life I always wanted but was denied

waiting until no one comes
except a car that doesn’t stop

back in ready-made tracks

spiraling down to
an open door
brushing off dust, cool air
and rubble

Locking the door
into a
peace of


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