Babbaaaaa Yaaga !

I called, placing a chin hair at her chicken feet
she game as glass shattered my morning porridge
protecting the pot of beans
I said, Baba you cant kill all my babies!
take the porridge.  take it!
leave me dinner
bloody white porridge splatters ate my watch
throwing myself on my bike (baba, it’s just like a modern day broom
she answered from a car screeching my bones
Okay so you’d rather drive.  I sped
faster and faster as she screamed sirens
up and down, whirling around until I
entered late.  No one questioned a crazy
hag snarling crookedly
Baba, I whispered go now, but tonight
Can we dance by the light of the moon? Bring
skulls and bones, I’ll bring my compost.
The door slammed
I got a coffee
and smoothed out my crone hairs.

This is from day 2 prompt for NaPoWriMo. Permission to write fast, raw, and unfinished


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