I work at the Vancouver Public Library and live in a small apartment with my
small apartment with my supportive, loving partner and sometimes supportive loving, always INSPIRATIONAL geriatric cat.

I have been writing poems for many years.  Did not take it seriously.  Thought it was nerdy.  Tried other art forms and finally came back to poetry.  My first committed art form yeah!  I am a  poetry nerd!  Poetry teaches me about life, remembers beautiful moments better than I,  reveals every day’s mysteries, helps work out lots , touches the higher and lower  and teaches that sometimes tearing ones hair and cursing  is part of the process. Can’t always be a lady.

This is my first blog.  Finding structure, line, and font challenging but it is great to have my somewhat finished poems in one place and online! Always editing and finding little things.  And reading about how to write poetry makes me think of possible changes. The question I have is’ Is a poem ever finished?”

I would love to try and publish some poems sometime.  but am taking it step by step, because well this is for a lifetime!

Look forward to comments, sharing and reading other poems.  Presently just trying to get poems on the site, finish some poems and discover wordpress.

Thank you and happy writing and reading!


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