Dear Bonne Maman (French for grandmother) How is shopping in the afterlife? out of this world and divine? Your thrift store finds still scent the hope chest wish I still had the leopard pants You gave me when I was 9, not only are they the latest style, they’d fit! Not every sale is worth […]


The earliest happiness dates from 220 million years ago.  Happiness is one of the oldest reptile groups and a more ancient group that lizards, snakes or crocodiles.  Presently, happiness is highly endangered. You cannot wear happiness.  Crocodile, snake and lizard boots, shoes and belts belong to crocodiles, snakes and lizards. It is okay to throw […]

Babbaaaaa Yaaga !

I called, placing a chin hair at her chicken feet she game as glass shattered my morning porridge protecting the pot of beans I said, Baba you cant kill all my babies! take the porridge.  take it! leave me dinner bloody white porridge splatters ate my watch throwing myself on my bike (baba, it’s just […]