Poems that I am daily writing and still need to tweek, or finish or not

Bike Girl on the road again
fleeing, reaching, speeding
slowly wild and free
trusty steel steed
one of my only friends

yawning in domestic grins and tilted helmet

good morning

blooming flowers
water dripets
curious cats
dogs on leashes
owners on leashes
swaying tails under cars
bumps in road
branches reaching out
jittery smooth squirrels
running shoes on telephone wire
pigeons on telephone wires
opened car doors

foxy, coyote girl on bike
apologizing on sidewalkssneaking stealthily through red lights
so, so, so, so!
to spare the traffic
noble sneaking bike girl

Did you fall todayget up girl, get up
you will bike again

Do not steel my bike do not steal my bike
I repeat, do not steel my bike
fleeing, reaching, speeding
slowly wild and free
yawning in domestic grins

cow girl, cow boy leave the horse in the pasture
metal city horse come to take you home
time permits with wild city affairs


bike girl doesn’t like helmet
do cowboys and girls have helmets
well do they?
be careful  city cowgirl!

This poems is from my stay at an ashram in the Kootenays,  I found the teachings hard to understand so I wrote this poem to myself to understand them.  It was created a few years ago.  I will go through it some time, some day!

To my Dear struggling human
In the midst of Big questions
Big Queens and Big Pains
There are little, everyday, everywhere miracles
So every once in a while gently
Take your head out of the eternal dark wherever
And check out the scenery, its beautiful

And shut those dragons up!
Yes that’s you Pride, Fear, Lust
And the rest of the crazies
Who’s in charge here?
You call them, they don’t call you

And stop your fretting
Sit your sweet ass down
Have a bit of tea and a lovely sweet or two
And we can talk about it
Like two old ladies
With nowhere to go but here

I just adore this rocking chair.

And honour yourself and
Your sisters and brothers
But don’t fall in the offering cup
that’s just silly
Besides your too big and will break it

No need to be a saint
Learn from them and
The devil has a few good points but
Don’t show him the dragons
Could be trouble
Unless you want some

And those Krishna boys
May be fun to play with
But if their naughty
Bring out mother
And if their really naughty
Bring out the dragons
No sense in wasting time.

And slippery fish girl
Slipping in and out of here and there could get lonely
A school of fish might be fun way to travel
Never to old to learn new tricks
and a rock to call
Your own would be nice

And love, love, love, love especially
The little ones, the innocent ones
and when the dragons have
Gone to obedience school they
Can help

And for god’s sake, lighten up!

Love your higher self and a few entities

The Snow Angel
I made an angel in the snow
with my arms, legs, fingers and toes
I got up and said hello to the new snow
angel in the snow
I looked behind and said goodbye
to my angel in the snow.

fingers were covered with thick, furry mittens
and toes were covered with pokadot socks
and big boots

(This poem was on a hike in the snow, I keep rewriting
it even though it is very simple and young child like.
Still needs some time and something else. I think I just
want it be easy but I will jumble the words up)

The left over snow balls

walking through the forest
I saw two giant snowballs squashed
on a tree
leftover from a snowball fight
the Friendly Giant
and Sasquatch Sarah

The trees dont’ mind most of the
the kids gotta play they say
we enjoy a good snowball fight said a tree
but we like the quiet time best

The fly

The fly was flying
buzzing backwards,
up and down the window pane
I loved to watch the house fly fly

Hi Mr. Fly, do you want to go outside?
he would buzz away up and down and close by
every day I went to watch
my friend, the fly wondering if he would rather be outside
and one day, little fly
lay still on the window sill
little fly had died
so I took him outside
and buried right next to to Bob, the dog
who died a year ago last Spring
it’s nice to have a friend beside you
Bob may bite, she is only playing Mr. fly
I will miss you
goodbye little house fly em

Lady Abigail hated the professor but Lady Abigail’s enemies and aliens from other planets loved the professor.  So Lady Abigail, wanting to be liked, begged the professor to marry her.Instead, the only one who would marry Abigail was a no good bartender. He didn’t mix very good drinks and barely kept his job, eventually he was fired,The bartender stayed with Abigail because he could not afford drinks himself. After her husband was fired, Abigail went to Al-anon and became very respected in the community. She began her spiritual journey. Her husband went to AA and was respected in his community. He began his spiritual journey.

She said I am glad I married my husband the ex-bartender.   Her enemies and aliens from other planets were furious that she was content and happy.  They publicly denounced her but followed her every move to find out her life secrets.

Abigail and her husband continue to have a very nice life.

(This poem was contrasted(had to write as opposite as possible), prompt 30, with a favorite poem, that I found in a collection by Garrison Keillor.  The poem is called Ed by Louis Simpson.  I was just starting to read other poems.  I laughed out loud when and after reading Ed. So, I figured it was good writing!)

Ed was in love with a cocktail waitress
but Ed’s family, and his friends,
didn’t approve.  So he broke it off.

He married a respectable woman
who played the piano.  She played well enough
to have been a professional.

Ed’s wife left him…
Years later, at a family gathering
Ed got drunk and made a fool of himself.

He said, “I should have married Doreen.”
“Well, they said, “why didn’t you?”


3 thoughts on “Poems that I am daily writing and still need to tweek, or finish or not

  1. Some great stuff here’ … really!
    On this read-through the fun quality and originality of the Left Over Snow balls had me smiling.
    If you don’t mind the suggestion:
    Get these separated and published on your site individually.
    You can still go back and change – even, God forbid, delete them – if you need to.

    have a little more faith … go for it!
    Why not ?

    • Hello

      Thank you for the comments. I am new to blogging and not overly sure how to go about it all. I am learning so much from others. I have bits and pieces of poems everywhere, in my home and some I have thrown on the process page. I find with the write/post a poem a day am loosing some perfectionism, but also need to edit some stuff. And will eventually organize my blog. I look forward to exploring your blog. Thank you for the encouragement and feedback.

      cheers and blessings and a meow from the geriatric cat who wants attention now, Elektra

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