Poetry process (mostly daily journal)

The Poetry Process can be a personal journey yest so much can be learnt by others. Presently, I see poetry as a companion, a secret joy that is still a mystery. I read lots of poetry books for adults and children and how to write poetry books. Used to just write poetry and not read poetry. Heck, did not even know I was writing poetry. Did not know you can learn from experts. Now I am taking it all in. But I am having to work on a daily commitment. I have lots of poems I have written and need to go over them, love them and spew them out. I would like to offer 1/2 an hour a day to writing poetry and the process. I know that doesn’t sound like much. I am working on commitment. Presently I sneak poetry in on lunch, coffee breaks in between chores and at night before bed. A start.

I work at a library and have so much lovely poetry material at my fingertips. I work in the Circulation Department and have access to many children and adult poetry books. I am totally spoiled!

I have adored Mary Oliver’s poetry for years.  And have just discovered Wistawa Szymborska a polish poet.  I am reading National Geographic animal Poetry edited by J. Patrick Lewis, U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate.  Totally inspired to write animal poetry.  Have a few somewhere and in my cat. Reading a book called Ocean Poems for children by Kate Coombs.  Beautiful book.  Not sure if I am allowed to to put in the blog experts or favorite poems if they belong to others.  Really love going through Good Poems by Garrison Kellor.  Always find new delights in there.

As for how to write poetry reading lots of books that I have bought and from the library.  Such as Teach yourself writing poetry by Matthew Sweeney and John Hartley Williams.   I also bought the Art and Craft of Poetry by Michael J. Bugeja.  I have more books around will add them in as I go through them.  Right now just getting ideas and techniques to play with.

March 20/13

Not sure how this poetry blogs work.  Still not going to advertise it that much until I can clean it up.

Reading a really good book on writing poetry called woops forgot the name, but got it new at the library-hasn’t been gunged up yet.  I am the first to make it used.  Oh well, someone has to do it.  Will write the name down tonight. The name of the books is A Poet’s Craft by Annie Finch.  I appreciate her expertise, life experience and dedication to craft

I went looking for a poetry workshop/class in Vancouver.  Checked VCC and UBC continuing education.  They have classes but only once in a while.  Does this mean that poetry is not as popular as I thought. Well well Well. Oh well.  Have found some teachers at a community in Burnaby, will consider.

March 25/13

Went to a union workshop and am inspired to write a union poem.  Don’t want to be to preachy or didactic.  Was actually influenced by a commercial, I saw recently.  It was short and sensual, using photo imagery and minimum text.  Will watch it again for research. I say take inspiration everywhere, from the new buds of spring and the alluring, irritating, capitalist commercial world.

March 31st

I have poems all over the place, The union poem is taking some time but is crumpled right by my side.  Some other poems said hello clearly and loudly.   Know that I may need to take more time with a poem for technique and artistic sake but have so many ideas wanting  attention.  Oh well.  I put up Bonne Maman’s inspired poem last night inbetween watching a movie and cleaning.  I posted the mouse poem in between washing dishes, tending to the cat and doing laundry.  I steal time to do poems or cleaning depending which job I get lost in.  Washing dishes can lead to organizing cabinets and posting poems lead to more and more tweeking.  I have a short attention span so maybe combining it all is a way of calming the monkey brain  Would be nice to do something every day for poetry.  Not worry about being playing perfectly

April 7/13

Again I am doing poetry work inbetween shopping, napping, feeding the cat and other just as important things

Writing the one a day poetry when I can and playing with the prompts.  Prompts are great for getting out of normal habits and getting juices flowing.  I know that it is hard to write well in a day.  I want to work on staying with a poem for a while before delivering it but it is fun to get them out.  Trying not to be attached to outcome.  Really neat seeing other poems and getting comments and looks and likes from all over the world.  It still amazes me, technology!-holy crap-overwhelms me.  I bet the younger generation see it as a limb that they are born with.  I can barely figure out my 7-11 cell phone!  It is great to connect with people with at least one similar interest beside being human. The poetry book I am reading is 100 essential modern poems selected by Joseph Parish as well as several other how to write poems.  I feel spoiled as I go through one to the other.  Cheeky, spoiled -this is a journey not a class.  Slowly discipline will be involved.

May 7/2013

Want to find a way to clean up my site.  On my break.  Determined to go into this site every day.  Not to post every time, but to edit and work on linking or whatever the tech work is for cataloguing on wordpress.  Really enjoyed doing the poem a day in April.  Tried different styles-very humbling and lots of discovery.  Went to a poetry slam night.  Very inspiring.  Showed me the power of words. A great way to share and honor poetry.

May 13

I wonder if I should put the poetry journal writing newest date at the beginning. Oh well who knows.  Think I would like to link and categorize.  Oh well maybe tomorrow.

I am writing a few poems here and there.  I read a poem last night in a collection produced and edited by Billy Collins.  The poem was about a moment from the author’s 4 year old self.  I was inspired to write a poem about a moment from my 4 year old self.  It is called at the present Paper Flowers.  Poetry is great it is like therapy, while learning artistic techniques at the same time.  And taking moments in time and giving them light and maybe some beauty.  Okay must go do my dishes, the dirty ones are in need of some attention.  Will come back to poetry when I do.

May 18th

I have been doing more running around doing errands and thinking about poetry.  I whisper it to myself in between moments of this and that.  For some reason I thought I had to make several food dishes for the people in my life.  Cooking is poetry in motion but sometimes I will cook a little too much.  Then late at night, I think oh better do some actual writing. Though, I think the soup I made was a poem.  Kept adding spices the whole way through and tasting, simmering and tasting.  And back to poetry.   I find that a little action is better than no action.  I am realizing that it is easy to be paralyzed, a little action in writing can lead to more possible action and so on. Like tonight at 12:00 am.

I have been thinking about my pink poem.  I think that it might be good with the slam poetry night.  And I have been playing with my bonnemama’s shopping poem, because well I have been in the joy of shopping.  1/2 price sale at Value Village.  Oh my gawd!  Poetry in motion.  Should write a poem in honour of each new item, so they feel they are a part of the family.  Now your limit, play withing it.  And half price thrift -expands the limit!

May 27th, 2013

My cat got sick, so kind of out of commission for a week.  She is back to herself.  I thought that this may be her time, but after a lot of good care, large vet bill, we are back to normal.  I am trying to appreciate her, be with her as much as I can. I have a feeling I have only months with her if that.   I am thinking about the pets in my life, and am playing with writing a poem about Pepper and the first family pet, Tasha.  My sister shared a pet experience with me and I encouraged her to write a poem.  There was something she felt was left unfinished.  That is the beauty of poems and moments.  They can be re-experienced for what they were and are, re-examined and played with in a new way.  A way to re appreciate, rewrite the momental beauty.

May 31st 2013

Supervising at work and my dear cat Pepper, have been taking most of my time.  Okay and televsion to numb the tiredness.  Anyway still writing my animal pet poem, may not be a sharing poem, may be.  We will see

June 6/2013

Pepper is stable.  Working on my pigeon poem, that is in the back of my mind and on bits of paper for a few months.  Went to a poetry slam again with my friend, Kathrin.  Am inspired, would like to do the Pink poem and pigeon poem at the slam some time.  Going to work soon, will slide poetry in when I can.  Have yet to have a certain time for poetry daily,  Mary Oliver suggests that you are only flirting with poetry if you do not have a scheduled practice.  Yes, I am a secret big flirt!

June 26th/2013

I was away at Yasodhara Ashram for a week.  I was thinking about poetry and spirituality, they were at odds.  After the week, with the help of the teachers and work it was concluded spirituality and my poetry can go hand in hand and it is good that they do.  I will start using the practices when writing-more tools and connection?!.  i am slower to, no need to run all the time.   My cat is better and the three of us are calm.  Doing 3 weeks of supervising at Collingwood library, and read over some new and old poems that I have been working on.  Everyday is a new day to begin again.

June 28th 2013

Going slower with poetry only because savoring/enjoying it. Being at the ashram has taught me to take things slower.  I do need to give poetry more time throughout the day/week/month/year and will. Found a book on haiku to read!  Love haiku -combining nature and everyday life.  Of course need to research and explore the real haiku technique.  Find that writing poetry helps my humor throughout the day.  I love turning things around or saying things that sound the same but mean something totally different.  And there is a lightness of being with it all.

July 3/13

I am living my life almost as I might a holiday.  Slowly and more joyfully, sometimes.  Going through poems, editing, working, looking, preening.  I do have so many to work on if I really thought about it, oh well, in our own time.  When will I give more time to dear poetry.  Must take to my higher self to see the correct or discuss the next step

July 23/13

I think that this is a human daily journal.  Because being human is not daily.  Been writing poems in my notebook and contemplating entering a contest.  Reading an anthology of haiku.  My partner and I are now writing haiku about parts of our lives.  Fun, silly and exploratory.  I read that the 5 7 5 syllables is not as important as I thought.  Supposedly, only for students learning about timing.  But constraints help limit and creativity.  I found that with the prompts writing a poem a day.

August 22/2013

Well, well, well.  Where has the time gone?  Where have my poems gone.  Actually been trying to work more thoroughly on poems.  I have been looking at the pigeon poem and realize that i need to research a bit more about pigeons.  And lots of poems come to me, which I will put in my poems to be made ready or not to be made ready.  I think there is a time factor.  I need to give myself time to write.

August 27th/2013

So many ideas to make into poems and to play with.  I want to go deeper into the pigeon poem.  And I have a bike girl poem that threw itself at me demanding notice.  And a few other family research poems.  I am grateful that I have this art form in my life.  I can and am playing with the every day and the past.

August 28th/2013

Could i have the goal of at least 20 minutes of poetry a day.  Could I?


November 07/2013

Well, daily journal my ass.  Oh well.  Cannot seem to tame the poet.  Always thinking poetry in my fun lazy.  Not going to do this as linear as I imagine.

I published the ordinary poem a few days ago.  And have been thinking, changing it.  Kind of know it is clunky in terms of being finished or not.  Learned from it.  Life is contradictory.  I think poetry gives me the extraordinary/ordinary with everyday things.  Shows me the mystery.  But my dear ego wants to publish, publish even on the internet before we have gone through the birth process.  Oh well. It is loosely based on the advice of a counselor and follow your bliss guy.  I tried to be special, extraordinary, thinking that the road less traveled or the exotic road was the better one, the more right one.  Well, I adore now the ordinary life.  My personality loves to putter and occasionally step into an exotic puddle.   Anyway.  Now going to do the mountain of dishes.

November 21st 2013

Just read about the ordinary blurb I wrote, will go back and check out the ordinary poem. I am now writing about what is behind closed doors. This was an inspiration from a neighborhood walk and I kept thinking, what is happening behind those closed doors. What are people hiding, celebrating, and doing! My nosy, curious gossipy parts want to know! And also, how much is private and how much can be should be private. And is that really none of my business.

May 13 2014

Haven’t written for a while in this blog journal, still writing poetry on bits of pieces or paper and the internet. I just became a library Supervisor. Am tired and excited with all the learning I am doing. For better or for worse poetry has taken a step back. Couldn’t even keep up with the poetry a day, because went for an interview during that time. Lordy. And my dear muse, Pepper was left on her cat journey. I hope her spirit comes to visit me. I miss her terribly,her smell and presence are fading. It is like a distant tear. I have created Pepper poems, not sure if i will create more, maybe. I keep looking for cats on my walks, if they even say hello, it is only a short time and then they go off to their cat world. But on the poetry note, to get back into my poetry self, going to be in my poetry world for about 15 minutes a day for a start.


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